Body Treatment - Skinsmooth And Body
Body Treatments
  • Duration: Minutes
  • Timings: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Body treatments - Skinsmooth And Body

Coconut Body scrub 45 mins $75

Starting with a dry body brush to stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system you will then be scrubbed with a delicious mixture of organic coconut and sugar to help nourish, hydrate and revitalise the skin. Ending with an application of a luxurious body moisturiser, you won’t recognise the skin you are in! Skin as soft as silk!!

Balinese Boreh Body Mask 45mins $90

Starting with a dry body brush to stimulate circulation and kick in the lymphatic system you will then be enveloped with a warming, spicy Boreh mask. We will then wrap you up to increase the effects of the mask. A sensation of deep heat will melt away your tension, increase blood circulation, relieves aching joints and sore muscles and headaches. Whilst wrapped a heavenly scalp massage is performed.

Highly recommended to follow with a full body massage.

Hot Stone Massage 60mins $120

Through the placement of heated stones on key energy points and massage techniques applied with the hot stones, a hot stone massage penetrates deeper into the muscles, deeply soothing muscle tensions, increasing energy and stimulating a rebalancing the body. A luxurious treatment treating the mind body and soul.

Perfectly coupled with the Balinese Boreh mask for a heavenly treatment.


Swedish & Relaxation Massage

30 mins $65

45 mins $78

60 mins $95       

90 mins $125             


**1 hour or Personalised tan $40

**4 – 8 hour $30

**includes loyalty card

Ear Candling

Natural remedy used by many as a gentle and natural therapy to improve your overall health and wellness.

45 Mins $60